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DEKRA Certification, Inc. (formerly KEMA Quality Registered, Inc.)


DEKRA Certification, Inc. is dedicated to your achievement of ISO Certification and singularly focused on your success. We work together to learn your objectives and develop a plan specific to your business, process, products, and services. Our skilled staff is then able to further assist you in meeting time to market and quality objectives.

DEKRA Certification, Inc. utilizes the time spent in an audit to provide you with acomprehensive analysis of your quality management system. This valuable information has greatly benefited thousands of companies. They have made significant improvements based upon the insights developed by DEKRA Certification, Inc. auditors and their auditees. We can ensure that any work you may do to conform, also reinforces quality objectives and strategies set by your top management.


Careful selection of a DEKRA Certification, Inc. registrar is a critical step in the ISO Certification process. From an outsider's perspective, a company's certificate is only as good as the registrar reputation for competence and integrity. DEKRA Certification, Inc. is second to none.

DEKRA Certification, Inc's management team understand the necessity of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities, manage conflict of interest, and ensures the objectivity of its management system certification activities.

When you receive a DEKRA Certification, Inc. certificate, your name joins the long list of successful companies who bear our mark of distinction. The DEKRA Certification, Inc. certificate is an important part of a company's passport to domestic and international success.

Our clients routinely involve us in the improvement of processes beyond the minimum required for compliance. Our demonstrated integrity has earned us the trust and approval of the FDA and the European Union, and the SCC, allowing us to fast track your products to approval if required.

When DEKRA Certification, Inc. is your partner in the ISO Certification process, there are no surprises. We build an individual audit plan with each client that outlines the processes and the process owners. You will know what to expect in advance. Additionally, DEKRA Certification, Inc. sends out a notice 30 days before each audit including the auditor's agenda.

DEKRA Certification, Inc's auditors look at your entire Quality Management System as a whole, rather than focusing on individual elements. With this holistic perspective, DEKRA Certification, Inc. offers the client the most effective audit available. It is through this process-based auditing that DEKRA Certification, Inc's clients continue to find success in DEKRA Certification, Inc's Partnership with Integrity.

Contact DEKRA Certification, Inc. Registrar for more information on our Quality Management System Partnership and DEKRA Certification, Inc. ISO Certification Process.

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